Corporate Social Responsibility

Mister Sister

Mister Sister is a non-profitable initiative funded by private Namibian companies and PharmAccess (a Dutch not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving health in Africa) that provides mobile primary health service provision to people living in the rural areas of Namibia. This initiative ensures that people who live in the remote areas of the Country receive quality medical care. NMC donated two clinics to Mister Sister in 2012 and also makes a yearly contribution to the cause. For more information on Mister Sister, please visit their website by clicking on the link or logo:


The Principal Officer of NMC, Alison Begley officially hands over the Clinic to the Country Representative of PharmAccess, Ingrid de Beer at a function in August 2012.


The Mister Sister Clinic rendering Services to people at a local settlement outside Windhoek in 2014.


NMC / Methealth Financial Assistance Trust

NMC and Methealth Namibia Administrators offer financial assistance for Namibian medical students. The basic criteria for acceptance are; the student must have completed a first year at a medical faculty and must have obtained an average of 60% for the previous year. It is only applicable to MBChB and B.Pharm students.

Please note that this is not a full scholarship. Other criteria also apply.

To view Criteria click here.

To view 2016 Application Form click here.


Some of the students who received financial assistance from NMC and Methealth Namibia Administrators.

Current students: Marc Delport (current, since 2012), Bernaby Coetzee (current, since 2012), Soraya Podelwitz (current, since 2012), Iyaloo Nghifindaka (current, since 2013),
Simon Naulondo (current, since 2013), Nuwuschka Beukes (current, since 2013), Hans Gulu (current, since 2013),
Emilia Malima (current, since 2014), Johanna Kandjumbwa (current, since 2014), Olivia Kakelo (new),
Uazunda Louise Mbuti (new), Niita Maria Malima (new), Richard Matengu Milinga,
Kanduuriri Kanduu Kaereho, Hilka Namutenya Reinholdt, Lilja Ndapanda Ndinomukwathi Ashipala,
Hilja Nehafo Nekulilo Ya Shalonga, Eric-Sunny Natangwe Kambonde,
Michal Rossouw, Tulitungeni Elizabeth Amundaba


Walk for Wishes Fun Walk

Walk for Wishes makes dreams come true 

Walkers of all ages came out on Saturday, 17 October 2015 to support the NMC Walk for wishes.

The event raised N$31,950 and NMC matched that amount, bringing the grand total to be donated to N$63,900. All proceeds from the walk went to the Nampharm Foundation for facial reconstructive surgery for Shange Nghihepo and Michael Kristof—born with unilateral cleft lips and palates during November.

Our sincere gratitude to the about 850 participants who took part in the walk as well as our sponsors Erongomed, Redsand, Radiowave, Virgin Active, MMI Holdings Namibia, OTB sports, Methealth Namibia Administrators and the Nampharm Foundation.

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