The Trustees

The Fund is managed by a Board of Trustees elected at every third Annual General Meeting in June. The Trustees take important decisions on behalf of members to ensure that the Fund remains sustainable whilst offering good benefits.

The Trustees of Namibia Medical Care are:

1. Gerson Kamatuka

2. Daniel Louw

3. Thinus Smit

4. Reginald Izaks

5. Revival Doëses

6. Rachel Coomer

7. Pinehas Mutota

8. Hendrik Muisoor

9. Veston Malango

10. Alfeus Benjamin

11. Shavuka L Mbidhi (appointed)

The Trustees meet often to discuss fund matters; benefits; review the financials; consider ex gratia; review the current processes and reports prepared by the Administrator and to make important decisions.

FLTR: (Sitting): Pinehas Mutota; Reginald Izaks; Gerson Kamatuka; Veston Malango;  Alfeus Benjamin. (Standing) Rachel Coomer; Daniel Louw; Thinus Smit; Revival Doëses; Hendrik Muisoor; Alison Begley.


The Principal Officer

The Principal Officer oversees the day-to-day running of the Fund. A Principal Officer is appointed in accordance with the Rules of the Fund, the Medical Aid Funds Act and other applicable legislation. Alison Begley fills this important role at NMC.


The Trustees have appointed Methealth Namibia Administrators to manage the claims processing, premium contributions and client service management on behalf of the fund.